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Police Brutality

When you are confronted by a police officer, that officer has a responsibility to maintain his or her composure and treat you with professionalism and respect. Unfortunately, there are often situations where law enforcement officers resort to improper use of physical force, frequently as a result of fear or concerns for control. If you have been beaten or shot by a law enforcement officer, or subjected to any other unnecessary use of force, you may have a claim for monetary damages. You want an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer, one who has successfully helped others in similar circumstances.

Take Action After The Use Of Excessive Force And Beatings

At Romano Law, in Southfield, we have protected the rights of men and women in cases of police brutality since 1996. Because of our knowledge and experience, attorney Dan Romano is frequently asked to serve as an arbitrator in civil claims involving police wrongdoing. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the laws governing police misconduct and are not afraid to aggressively pursue compensation for your injuries.

Aggressive Representation In Cases Involving Police Brutality

We handle all types of claims involving allegations of police brutality, including beatings, shootings and wrongful death claims. In these types of claims, the municipality will fight hard to protect the police officer, often raising a defense of “qualified immunity.” This defense alleges that the police officer acted in good faith and should not be liable for any injuries sustained. We know how to get around the qualified immunity defense.

If you have been physically harmed by a police officer acting in his or her official capacity, you don’t want to immediately report the incident to other police officials. It is better if you contact an attorney first. If you go to law enforcement officials first, you may face additional criminal charges, such as disorderly conduct or disturbing the police, often filed against you in an attempt to cover up the use of excessive force.

You also want to avoid pleading guilty to any crime before consulting with a criminal defense attorney. Your civil and criminal lawyers should work closely with you to protect your rights. In many situations, you may also have a claim for false arrest or false imprisonment.

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